When it comes to rendering the best of the services possible, we at “Scissors” have left no stone unturned, just for the betterment of the fulfillment of your aspirations of being an alluring personality, under a single roof. Following is a brief introduction to what all

Services We Render:-

Hair treatment –

No need to worry about the depriving state of your hair or scratch your heads in tension over the messy hair fall you experience. We have got some total hair treatment solutions related to hair fall, anti-dandruff and hair spa to relieve you out of the strains your hair face.


Haircut, color and styling-

If you are confused to the core for how to style up your hair, we have services for all, no matter what your age is. We offer normal hair cut for kids, regular and designer hair cut for males as well as females and straightening the long manes. To spruce up the effects, we even have hair coloring options in the form of color highlights, rebounding and smoothing. You order it, we do it that way. Ask for our recommendation and we just have the perfect solution based on your hair texture, structure, length and overall style that can give you altogether a transformation.

Hair coloring-styling-Best-Salon-in-udaipur-rajasthan-Spa-Salon

Bleach, waxing and facial-

To make your skin shining out with a clean and clear layer, we provide bleaching options with normal, foam, fruit, gold and Cheryl’s bleach for your hands, legs and body on offer. In addition, to make your face look appealing with a natural glow, we have equally effective facial offers such as basic, fruit, cream base, natural base, lotus base and Cheryl treatments for that as well. Not to forget, we even provide waxing sessions for under arms, stomach, arms, legs, back and face, to get rid of the unwanted hair you always wanted to.


Threading and pedicure-

To improvise your body’s minuscule detailing, the threading sessions for eye-brows, U-lip, chin, tone head and full face we offer are worth to give a shot for. Adding to them, include the pedicure treatments for feet and toe with the options of normal, aroma, French, Deluxe, Super deluxe and Spa pedicure, and experience the magical effects. You just list up your prerequisites, and we have an absolute and fruitful solution for it.

Manicure Pedicure Services